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We keep our clients ahead of the curve and will not stop until your business is overflowing with leads

At ModFXMedia, our team of professionals take tremendous pride in delivering an integrated array of marketing services to deliver bottom-line results for our clients to skyrocket their business and grow in the local Jacksonville, FL market.  We are a full service marketing power-house offering you all the digital expertise you need in one place.


Today, search engines determine whether your potential customers can find you or not.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about having the right website and tools to skyrocket your business to the top of Google to keep a steady stream of targeted leads to acquire new customers. It starts with these key areas.

  • >>  Inbound Marketing
  • >>  On-page and off-page optimization (SEO)
  • >>  Content development strategy
  • >>  Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy


Getting visitors to your website is only the beginning. Once a prospect finds you, your website needs to be compelling and offer the right mix of information to drive them to take action immediately. Our websites are designed with visually captivating design, clear message about your brand and direct call to actions that speak directly to your targeted customers. In order to compete in today’s digital landscape your website must be:

  • >>  Mobile friendly first and foremost
  • >>  Designed for your target market and audience
  • >>  Enable your prospects to understand your brand within 7 seconds
  • >>  Have a bold offer with clear call to action buttons


Website visitors are so much more valuable if you capture and qualify them for your sales members. Our campaigns deliver leads that are not only plentiful but are also further along in the buying cycle before you even bring them in to close. We utilize marketing techniques such as webinars and retargeting campaigns to ensure potential customers are warmed up first and not a “cold lead”. We warm up your targeted leads with the below techniques

  • >>  Installing Facebook pixel on your site to retarget cold leads
  • >>  Give 100% FREE value as a lead magnet to capture customer emails
  • >>  Bring potential clients into a "sales funnel" to warm them up
  • >>  By the time a client reaches your door they are ready to buy


The only way to keep your marketing machine and sales funnels running is to track, refine and optimize for the results our clients desire. Technology has made marketing analytics and performance easier than ever before. We design integrated reporting solutions that give you and your team members total visibility into the successes and failures of your marketing program. We believe in being completely honest and open with our clients and report on:

  • >>  Return on investment (ROI) reporting
  • >>  Return on advertising spend (ROAS) reporting
  • >>  Key performance indicators (KPI) reporting
  • >>  Facebook business manager and Google Analytics dashboard reporting

One Agency to Cover ALL of Your Marketing Needs

Branding & Design

Nothing helps a business compete in a competitive marketplace like a strategically designed brand for your business.

Website Builds & Management

Having a stand-out, easy to update website designed by professionals enables you to convert prospects into customers.

Online Marketing/Advertising

We utilize Facebook & Google to generate your business more leads that convert to your ideal customers for continuous revenue and more referrals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We elevate your search engine rankings to create an optimized experience for your customers enabling you to reach the top spot on Google to grow organically.

Photography & Video

We come from a creative background and will work together to create polished photos and videos to help tell your brands story that convert prospects into clients.

Social Media Management

We take over the tedious though critical tasks of posting regularly to social media platforms and engage with your customers to capture positive reviews.

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